Re: Font priorities

On Tuesday,  4 February 2003, Noah Levitt wrote:

> You could try editing fonts.conf to get rid of references to
> fonts you don't like, and list only your preferred fonts in
> the aliases and stuff. This may or may not help.

The fonts that interfere with Raghindi (such as FreeSans and ClearlyU)
are already not listed in /etc/fonts.conf.  I cannot list them less
than not...

> I don't mean to pose as an expert. I don't really know how
> pango determines the order of precedence. 

I believe for recent Pango, it's fontconfig that does the font
selection.  I mentioned my problem on the fontconfig list some days
ago, but have not received a reply.  The problem does, however,
cripple Pango/GTK+ pretty much, so I hope it's not off-topic on the
GTK+ list, either.

> I guess maybe what you're asking for is something like the
> mozilla font preferences, where you can specify your
> favorite font for each language?

Ideally, fontconfig should select suitable fonts automagically, based
on glyph ranges covered in each font etc.  When this metric fails,
however, then I think the experienced user should indeed be allowed to
set font preferences explicitly via configuration files.


Stefan Baums
Asian Languages and Literature
University of Washington

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