Re: Font priorities

On Tuesday,  4 February 2003, Noah Levitt wrote:

> Another idea: try setting Raghindi as the gtk+ and/or gnome
> default font. That ought to give it the highest possible
> precedence.

Thanks for the idea.  I tried this from the gnome control center, and
indeed the file selection dialogue now displays correct Devanagari.
However, I don't like doing this, because:

   a) Such hacking-around should really not be necessary.

   b) Regular Latin script now looks real ugly, because GTK+ is now
      using Raghindi's ugly ASCII glyphs for it.  There is also way
      too much empty space above and below lines now, because the
      Raghindi ASCII glyphs have the same height (glyph plus empty
      space) as the comparatively high Devanagari glyphs.

   c) This still doesn't solve the parallel problem of Arabic not
      getting rendered correctly (with combined glyphs), nor would
      other Indian scripts that I would like to use together with
      Devanagari be rendered properly.

I think this is a serious problem that requires a serious non-hacky
solution.  Assuming, of course, that it's not just me who is
experiencing it.  Can you or anybody else reproduce the problem?


Stefan Baums
Asian Languages and Literature
University of Washington

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