Re: Building glib-genmarshal (while building glib)

On 18/08/2017 08:38, John Emmas wrote:

AFAICT this problem got introduced by commit #fe2a9887a8 - in particular the change to '' (line 30) which previously looked like this:-

        elif == 'nt':

but it got changed to this:-

        elif os.basename(filedir) == 'bin'

Changing that line back again fixes the problem for me.

Maybe this'll make sense to someone... just after the following line (in ''):-

      sys.path.insert(0, os.path.abspath(path))

I inserted another line, like so:-


On my system, this outputs a path string which happens to start with the following folder (notice the double backslashes):-


AFAICT the double-backslashes aren't contributing to the problem.  The problem only occurs if that specific path is in my list of path strings (any other paths work fine).

I guess this could end up being a problem on my particular system - or maybe that specific path causes some build problem (an infinite loop maybe?)

Having said all that, I still don't understand why this line (in commit #fe2a9887a8):-

        elif == 'nt'

got changed to this:-

        elif os.basename(filedir) == 'bin'

They clearly don't do the same thing...

Any thoughts anyone?  John

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