Re: Building glib-genmarshal (while building glib)

On 14/08/2017 16:47, Chun-wei Fan (范君維) wrote:

Take a look at this commit in GLib[1] for glib-genmarshal. So, for Windows, after running the script to generate glib-genmarshal, assuming that you are running it in cmd.exe or your Visual Studio projects, instead of running it as "glib-genmarshal(.exe) <your arguments to it>", you do "<your Python interpretor> <path to glib-genmarshal> <your arguments to it>", as you would running a Python script. Note that I dropped the projects to build glib-genmarshal.exe from the Visual Studio projects.

You have to do likewise for glib-mkenums, by changing "<your PERL interpretor> <path to glib-mkenums> ..." to "<your Python interpretor> <path to glib-mkenums> ..."

Ah, I get it now!  Thanks guys.

Two of the three python scripts are working fine now but there's a problem with gdbus-codegen. Here's the command I previously used with the older file ( :-

      python "gdbus-2.0/codegen/" --interface-prefix org. \
--generate-c-code gdbus-daemon-generated --c-namespace _G dbus-daemon.xml

but if I modify that command to substitute the new 'gdbus-codegen' (rather than the older '') I get build errors. I'm guessing that maybe the command itself needs to be modified now? Or if it looks okay to you guys, I'll supply some more information about the errors I'm seeing. Thanks again,


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