Re: Build system change GTK's master branch

Hi Emmanuele,

Emmanuele Bassi 於 2017/8/19 上午 01:07 寫道:
Absolutely well earned.

I'll make sure to review those bugs, thanks.

Thanks very much, and I should also mention the same to Nirbheek and Tim-Philip as well, sorry for missing them!
Please also note that there is a PR on Meson to fix introspection builds of
GTK+ on Windows[1] due to the 8192-character-per-command limit on Windows,
We should modify the introspection scanner to allow taking a list of files.

There is actually a --filelist option that was done when I did the initial Windows support (no distutils stuff for that, since that was before it :)) The thing is that Meson needs to use it.
Supporting Visual Studio pre-2015 is going to be hard; various modules
are trying to standardise on a C99 pipeline, and I'd rather move away
from nearly ten year old development environments if that involves
work on our side.
Thanks, I agree, too-2008 was venerable and light by today's standards, but I think it is time to move forward.

The "2008" part was also to let people using the stack to be aware of the present status, so the following lines are also for people to note :)

I actually understood from Nirbheek in the GLib bug a few days back that due to CI concerns that it's going to be out-of-scope to support Visual Studio 2008, so I think it's also time to let it go.

For my side for the GTK+/Meson stack, what I think will be done for Visual Studio is to follow the lines of development: whether they officially bump (declare) to C99. If so, I will try to ensure support 2013/2015+, if not, I will try to ensure 2010+ (this would be like for GDK-Pixbuf and Pango, (and even perhaps GLib for this cycle, since I was still able to build it with 2010 without code changes as recent as 1 or 2 days ago, as we are getting close to 2.54) for now at least as they are in stable cycles right now). For the non-C99 modules that still have the 2008 projects, I will still try to support them, and they will be the way to build those modules on 2008. I am thinking about that the Visual Studio 201x projects be dropped from those modules built with Meson+Visual Studio that build and run well enough though, in the next cycle or so.

With blessings, and cheers!

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