Re: Building glib-genmarshal (while building glib)

On 17/08/2017 16:48, John Emmas wrote:

Any other Windows devs able to reproduce this or is it just me..?  I've tried with python2.7, python3.1 and python3.3 and I see the same problem with all of them  :-(

AFAICT this problem got introduced by commit #fe2a9887a8 - in particular the change to '' (line 30) which previously looked like this:-

        elif == 'nt':

but it got changed to this:-

        elif os.basename(filedir) == 'bin'

Changing that line back again fixes the problem for me.  I haven't yet tried linking anything to the built libraries - but the build itself now completes successfully.  My guess is that whoever made that change is possibly cross-building (from Linux?) whereas a genuine Windows build won't work any more.


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