Re: What does "(skip)" mean ???

On 17/04/2017 12:16, John Emmas via gtk-devel-list wrote:

my VS8 projects seem to use ".symbols" files for determining what gets exported from the built DLLs. I can't remember why I needed to do that but I probably just need to amend them - or hopefully find a way to stop using them now!

Yes - that was it.! My ".symbols" file was getting converted into module definition files (".def" files). The file was very subtly different for a Debug build compared to a Release build. It looks like the difference was due to this function:-


From what I can tell, it's only supposed to be relevant in a Debug build. But there must have been a time when it was somehow getting included in a Release build (and presumably causing some kind of problem). My ".def" file just made sure that it didn't get exported when it wasn't needed.

Anyway... whatever the problem was, it looks like it eventually got fixed and I can now get rid of my def/symbols files.. Sorry for the noise.


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