Re: What does "(skip)" mean ???

On 17 April 2017 at 10:38, John Emmas via gtk-devel-list
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so all three functions are getting exported - BUT - if I examine the
corresponding link lib, I can see a reference to g_mkstemp_full(). I can
also see a reference to g_mkstemp_utf8().  But there's no reference to
g_mkstemp().  In other words, although that function does get exported from
the DLL, the accompanying link lib doesn't seem to know about it.  I've
never seen anything like that before but I'm guessing (maybe wrongly) it
wouldn't have anything to do with Introspection??

Correct: this has nothing to do with introspection.

Should I transfer this discussion to bugzilla here:-

Please, do, detailing how you build GLib.


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