What does "(skip)" mean ???

All of a sudden I've hit a problem when building glib with MSVC. It seems to be affecting calls to g_mkstemp() / g_getenv() and various others. Let's take g_mkstemp() as an example. It gets called in glib-genmarshal.c

Prior to commit #d1528402, git master had some lines looking like this (in 'gfileutils.h'):-

    #ifndef __GTK_DOC_IGNORE__
    #ifdef G_OS_WIN32
    #define g_file_test               g_file_test_utf8
    #define g_file_get_contents g_file_get_contents_utf8
    #define g_mkstemp              g_mkstemp_utf8

    // and a few others

    #endif /* G_OS_WIN32 */
    #endif /* __GTK_DOC_IGNORE__ */

so in the past (when building for WIN32) calls to 'g_mkstemp()' got converted to use 'g_mkstemp_utf8()' instead. But now that the above lines have been removed, 'g_mkstemp()' is coming up as an unresolved symbol when I try to link the glib-genmarshal DLL. I'm a bit baffled about this because it does seem to be getting exported from libglib (so I don't understand why it can't be imported). Maybe there's some confused linkage somewhere??

However... in gfileutils.c, I see a comment, looking like this:-

     * g_mkstemp: (skip)
     * @tmpl: (type filename): template filename
     * Opens a temporary file. See the mkstemp() documentation
     *   // some other stuff

So I'm wondering - what's the significance of the word "skip" here?? I can't see any obvious reason why this isn't linking but maybe that'll give me a clue...


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