Re: What does "(skip)" mean ???

On 16/04/2017 19:25, Sébastien Wilmet wrote:
It's a GObject Introspection annotation !!!

Thanks Sébastien,

I can't claim to understand it all but it seems like GObject Introspection is a way of compiling modules with one language such that they can be used by some different language. If I use "dumpbin /EXPORTS" on my built DLL, I see these entries:-

        755  2F2 00002680 g_mkstemp = @ILT+5755(_g_mkstemp)
        756  2F3 0000132A g_mkstemp_full = @ILT+805(_g_mkstemp_full)
        757  2F4 00001870 g_mkstemp_utf8 = @ILT+2155(_g_mkstemp_utf8)

so all three functions are getting exported - BUT - if I examine the corresponding link lib, I can see a reference to g_mkstemp_full(). I can also see a reference to g_mkstemp_utf8(). But there's no reference to g_mkstemp(). In other words, although that function does get exported from the DLL, the accompanying link lib doesn't seem to know about it. I've never seen anything like that before but I'm guessing (maybe wrongly) it wouldn't have anything to do with Introspection??

I've also discovered that if I revert the changes from commit #d1528402,it fixes the problem for g_mkstemp(). So I'm assuming that if I reverted Christoph's other changes from that time, it'd fix the other problems I'm seeing with g_getenv() etc.

Should I transfer this discussion to bugzilla here:-

Also - has anyone else managed to build this successfully with MSVC? Maybe there's a new #define somewhere that I need to know about?

Thanks, John

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