Re: What does "(skip)" mean ???

On 17/04/2017 11:25, Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
Should I transfer this discussion to bugzilla here:-
Please, do, detailing how you build GLib.

Okay - just before I do that though, a bit more investigation might have revealed the problem...

I'm building with VS8, using my own vcproj files. Essentially they're the same as the official ones except that as well as building a Debug target and a Release target, I also build a "Debuggable Release" target. Apart from that there are only minor differences - for example when I build the Debug modules I append a letter "D" to the target name (in line with what normally gets done when building with MSVC).

Here's where it gets interesting... my VS8 projects seem to use ".symbols" files for determining what gets exported from the built DLLs. I can't remember why I needed to do that but I probably just need to amend them - or hopefully find a way to stop using them now!


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