Re: A Gtk's build system ?

Waf is actually pretty good at building stuff for non-Linux platforms (for example, it transparently supports MSVC without the need of VS project files). I'd bet that it may have some issues building for Linux on non popular architectures or weird/old UNIX flavors as it doesn't do the sort of comprehensive checks that autoconf does by default.

Maybe this could improve the worrying situation of windows builds tarnyko has to deal with.

Beyond that, the fact that is python based does make the build system more portable across systems, it is certainly more portable than the mashup of bash and unix command line tools that autotools sipts out.

Boils down to shell hacks vs python.

However, building Gtk+ is not trivial and I am sure waf is going to require some fixing before it can support a full build, if people want to take on the task of setting up a branch and checking what it would look like, I would be happy to help upstreaming any extensions needed (I have commit rights in the waf repository). On the other hand I wouldn't keep my hopes too high that the Gtk+ maintainers are going to happily move over unless someone shows what major improvements the port would bring.

Good to know. I actually might get my hands dirty this weekend.

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