Re: A Gtk's build system ?

If this ever happens, I hope for waf to get some traction, it is way faster and has the power of py and also prevents all the version incompatibility issues on different host machines as one can ship the waf with the repository itself (or as a git submodule). Not to mention that it is very easy to extend and is well documented with plenty of examples. Enough adv.

There are plenty of alternatives with their strengths and weaknesses so reinventing something here is just plain stupid.

Afaik nobody was/is ready to tackle it so far, and I doubt it will happen any time soon-ish - most of the developers are used to autotools and favor sticking with it for various sane or insane reasons.


On Tue, Aug 5, 2014 at 3:35 PM, Victor Aurélio Santos <victoraur santos gmail com> wrote:
Hi folks,

Is there a plan to write a new build system or use another existing
build system for Gtk instead of Autotools ?

I ask this because autotools is something "not good enough" for me.
It's syntax is ugly and bad to remember, the platform that will run
autotools requires a UNIX tool-set (sh, make, etc...), there's no
support to glib's features like resources the developer have manually
find the glib-compile-resources executable and write rules to build
the resources, and so on.

I also think that Gtk should have something "Gtk's build system", Like
Qt's qmake.

If not, do anyone know if GNOME plan this ?
Note that jhbuild is not a build system, it's more a "build bot".

Thanks, I'll be happy to hear your plans and pros/cons of move to
another build system.
Victor Aurélio Santos
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