A Gtk's build system ?

Hi folks,

Is there a plan to write a new build system or use another existing
build system for Gtk instead of Autotools ?

I ask this because autotools is something "not good enough" for me.
It's syntax is ugly and bad to remember, the platform that will run
autotools requires a UNIX tool-set (sh, make, etc...), there's no
support to glib's features like resources the developer have manually
find the glib-compile-resources executable and write rules to build
the resources, and so on.

I also think that Gtk should have something "Gtk's build system", Like
Qt's qmake.

If not, do anyone know if GNOME plan this ?
Note that jhbuild is not a build system, it's more a "build bot".

Thanks, I'll be happy to hear your plans and pros/cons of move to
another build system.
Victor Aurélio Santos

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