Re: non-Linux OSes

On 23/10/13 11:26, Marc-André Lureau wrote:
It would be nice if we can keep XP compatibility for a few more years
(why would we need to drop it now?).

"Because it lacks APIs that would have been helpful" is the usual
reason? You have to draw a line somewhere and say "we aren't going to
bother writing or maintaining the extra code needed to support this".

D-Bus' Windows maintainer aims to support any version of Windows that
still has security support from Microsoft, so he still supports XP right
now, but will stop caring about it in early 2014. We have a significant
amount of code in dbus 1.7.x that calls documented APIs on Vista or
later, but resorts to approximately equivalent (lower-level)
undocumented APIs on XP, and I look forward to being able to delete the

I think that's as good a rule as any - if a platform's vendor (either
commercial or community-based) can't offer security support for it any
more, then it's already a "second class citizen" - and I intend to use
that as my rule of thumb for whether Unix OSs are still relevant
portability targets for D-Bus.


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