Re: non-Linux OSes


I think the above list is a good start. But it is not good enough. We
also need to specify which versions of the above OSes, and which
versions of the compilers (especially important for e.g. msvc).
For MSVC I agree.  For the others, I don't think it's that big of a
problem (although it could become a nice opportunity).
For the Windows/MSVC part, here are some parts that I think I could do/say:

For my part, I think I could be able to check how well GLib fares when built with Visual Studio 2008, 2010 and 2012 in both x86 and x64 flavors (especially when GLib can be built with the free-in beer Express Editions), as I think in GLib's current status, the MSVC builds of GLib should be at least on par with the MinGW builds, AFAICT. I don't know whether this may be a good idea, but I am seriously thinking about coming up with a GNOME Live! page listing the test programs that fail on Windows/MSVC builds for GLib, where GDateTime would be an example of something that I think needs to be looked into on Windows. I would be able to check them on Windows 7 and 8 ("Desktop"-style apps for now), and XP via XP-Mode on Windows 7.

For the just-released Visual Studio 2013, as from my initial impressions of being able to build xz-utils (a C99 library) and its test programs with it with few rather minor changes (which fared quite well), I think I would also like to check GLib with that as well, as VS2013 convincingly claims to have much better C99 support. Unforunately I can't say anything about anything at or before Visual Studio 2005, as I don't have access to them, nor anything about the MinGW-based builds.

Few of my thoughts about Windows support overall:

As XP extended support is ending in April 8 next year, I'm just wondering whether we want to drop support for XP after that point (which is when I think we are going into the dev cycle for 2.42 or so), but I do understand that there could be many people that are using XP? But then there is the issue on the Windows Server 2003 releases, which is NT 5.x like XP instead of 6.x like Vista/Windows Server 2008 and later-so I would also like to know whether there are many people using GLib with Windows Server 2003 (including R2, which only goes out of support in 2015)?

Also, just wondering whether there are any people using GLib with Windows XP 64-bit edition or Windows Server 2003 x64, or does GLib (built as x64 binaries) even work on these platforms? The thing is, if there isn't really need for such setups, I guess it might be good for me to move the MSVC x64 builds to not include support XP/Server 2003 first in this cycle. So any thoughts on this?

Few of my takes, with blessings.

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