Patches review


Lately I've been working on an app (GTK3) which has a treeview as its
main GUI component, and as such I've been coming up with some patches,
mostly treeview-related, from little bug fixes to some feature
additions, that I'd love to see merged.

I've already posted some of them on bugzilla, and I was wondering if
they could be reviewed?

treestore: Fix segfault when reordering non-existing children

gtkcellareabox: Fix renderer not always drawn when visible

GtkTreeView: Fix issues when removing a column

cellrenderertext: Fix possible overwriting of markup

Revert "treeview: Store editable position differently"

Fixes in gtk_tree_view_is_blank_at_pos() & Add

As well as this one, not from me but (I believe) is right:
gtk_tree_view_get_path_at_pos mistakenly identifies column of initial

Also this one, which isn't treeview-related:
Fix key "Page_Down" identified as "Next"

And as a side note, I see a new version of GLib was released, would have
been nice if this had been merged:


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