Re: non-Linux OSes


On Tue, Oct 22, 2013 at 4:45 PM,  <fanc999 yahoo com tw> wrote:
Also, just wondering whether there are any people using GLib with Windows XP
64-bit edition or Windows Server 2003 x64, or does GLib (built as x64
binaries) even work on these platforms?  The thing is, if there isn't really

I have been successfully building and testing virt-viewer (a Gtk2
application, but using quite recent GLib) on xp & 2003 x64.

need for such setups, I guess it might be good for me to move the MSVC x64
builds to not include support XP/Server 2003 first in this cycle.  So any
thoughts on this?

It would be nice if we can keep XP compatibility for a few more years
(why would we need to drop it now?). XP support could be limited to
mingw64, if it's complicated to keep MSVC support?

Marc-André Lureau

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