Re: GSlice vs. tcmalloc vs. jemalloc

tis 2013-05-07 klockan 14:52 -0500 skrev Federico Mena Quintero:
On Sat, 2013-05-04 at 22:10 +0200, stefan skoglund(agj) wrote:

Do GSlice use the Solaris feature for memory usage levelling (an
important feauture because of the fact that the SPARCCenter 2000 had
striped RAM.)

Important that in this case that if you hit multiple structs of the same
type for example a tree-walk you should avoid hitting the same memory
bank multiple times in a row.

Ummmm, do you mean the cache coloring stuff?  I.e. so that structs of
the same size get put in different cache lines.

I don't recall mentions of "memory usage levelling"; to what does that


It is an improper term but yes it is cache coloring functionality.

The SPARCCenter2000 was built on two XD-busses (the main system-buss)
with all CPU-cards connected to both busses and with equal access to
memory for every card (cpu cards can be memory only, with cpus and
memory or only cpus.)

The memory is striped in 256-bytes stripes on the 2 XD-busses which
means that that coloring stuff is even more important.

Memory bank in my earlies email = XD-buss

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