Re: GSlice vs. tcmalloc vs. jemalloc

mån 2013-04-29 klockan 19:07 -0500 skrev Federico Mena Quintero:
On Mon, 2013-04-22 at 19:23 +0700, Hieu Trung Le wrote:

Have you ever compare the GSlice allocator with other malloc library
like tcmalloc or jemalloc?

I'm not aware of any such benchmarks or comparisons, but it would
definitely be interesting to see some!

Also, as far as I remember, GSlice is pretty much a straight-up
implementation of Bonwick's slab allocator plus the subsequent changes
for using magazines for threading/multicore performance.  I don't think
GSlice has been updated with all the work that has been done in e.g. the
Linux kernel for slab-like allocators.

(Also, GSlice doesn't really use all the features of the original
slab/magazine allocator - for example, blocks of memory are not recycled
by resetting them to a "just initialized" state; instead, blocks are
freed and re-allocated / re-initialized as needed.)


Do GSlice use the Solaris feature for memory usage levelling (an
important feauture because of the fact that the SPARCCenter 2000 had
striped RAM.)

Important that in this case that if you hit multiple structs of the same
type for example a tree-walk you should avoid hitting the same memory
bank multiple times in a row.

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