CSS Transitions

Hi all,

Last week I had a go at adding CSS transitions to Adwaita. It was
pretty easy to do, and the familiarity of CSS made it easy to get
started. However, I encountered an issue which leaves me uncertain how
to proceed.

The problem is that CSS doesn't provide a way to specify transitions
according to beginning and end states. Instead, each style class can
have a transition associated with it, and it is triggered whenever
that style appears.

I can set an animated transition for pressed buttons, but that
animation is used whenever the pressed button style appears,
irrespective of the style of the button beforehand. The pressed button
transition will be used when a window changes from being unfocused to
being focused, for example (in which case all the buttons in the
window look like they are being pressed at the same time), or when it
changes from being insensitive to being sensitive.

As a result of this issue, I'm not sure that I can make use of CSS
transitions, which is a shame - the ability to animate between
different widget states would definitely add to the user experience.

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