Re: Filechooser bug day/weekend/week/month idea

On Mon, 2013-06-03 at 15:02 -0700, Timothy Arceri wrote:

I have managed to help get the count down from 359 only a couple of
weeks ago through a combination of patches, making duplicates and
bumping old bugs and patches. I have even found a couple of unreported
issue along the way. However I've come to the conclusion that if I
want to make a serious dent to these bugs I need some help. So... 

For the record, I want to publically thank Timothy for the stellar work
he has been doing in weeding the file chooser's bug list.  Closing old
bugs, filing patches, what more would one want? :)

I have started working my way through all the outstanding bugs and
categorising them into groups based on the next action that should (in
my opinion, I'm open to corrections) be taken.

This is the right way to go!

Once a complete list of these issues has been created we could
advertise a bug day/week/etc for these to be worked on retested etc. 

For me a month-long fixing spree would work well, I think.  Of course
I'll gladly guide people through the code if needed.

I upload the Libre Office documents I've used to categories these bugs
here: but I would like to put all 
this on the Gnome wiki somewhere if that's possible??

This is really good!  Thanks so much for compiling the list of
categorized bugs!

By now the list I had in is highly
obsolete.  Feel free to replace it with your list of bugs.  An
alternative is to put little strings in the Status Whiteboard field of
each bug ("filechooser-easy", "filechooser-crash", "filechooser-retest",
etc.) and put URLs for the corresponding bug queries in the wiki.


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