Re: Filechooser bug day/weekend/week/month idea

On 03/06/2013 23:02, Timothy Arceri wrote:
Anyway lately I have been targeting the GTK filechooser in particular. This component alone currently has 320 
bugs filed against it thats over 9% of the total GTK bugs.

I use GTK+ on Windows and I can confirm that GtkFileChooser has been one of the least reliable components :-(


So far these are the categories I have:

Bugs to maybe close - These are mostly old bugs. Some are crashes that were reported many years ago with very 
little or zero activity since. Some are reports that can no longer be reproduced, some are issue that are 
probably not as noticeable due to improvements in how the filechooseer works since the bug was first report.
Anyway there are bugs that the GTK maintainers might want to look at and possibly close as I dont feel 
comfortable closing them myself.

With 320 bugs still outstanding it's probably important not to make too many changes at once. Maybe a good starting point would be for someone to identify how many of those 320 can (hopefully) be quarantined. The rest should probably be handled in easy stages. I'd be willing to provide some assistance but I'm still on Gtk+ version 2, as opposed to 3.


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