Re: Filechooser bug day/weekend/week/month idea

For the record, I want to publically thank Timothy for the stellar work

he has been doing in weeding the file chooser's bug list.  Closing old
bugs, filing patches, what more would one want? :)

Thanks Federico, always good to get some positive feedback.

For me a month-long fixing spree would work well, I think.  Of course
I'll gladly guide people through the code if needed.


By now the list I had in is highly
obsolete.  Feel free to replace it with your list of bugs.  An
alternative is to put little strings in the Status Whiteboard field of
each bug ("filechooser-easy", "filechooser-crash", "filechooser-retest",
etc.) and put URLs for the corresponding bug queries in the wiki.


I really like this idea and think thats what I will do. I think I will first create a list of tags on the 
wiki page explaining what they mean then create the query links that way anyone can feel free the jump in and 
help out sorting the remaining bugs. I'm going to be pretty busy the next few days doing real world stuff so 
any help is apperciated.


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