Re: GTK+3 win32/64 build environment

On Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 2:52 PM, <tarnyko tarnyko net> wrote:
Short version : cross-compiling GTK+3 is a headaches generator. It's not easy nor efficient, and hard to maintain.

I agree, it is hard to maintain. Though I still prefer cross-compilation, since it's faster in compiling. I sometimes fell asleep while compiling in MinGW in native Windows.

Agreed, it's a lot faster. Just harder ;-).

We really have different perception of "harder"! Anything involving running windows and clicking is harder for me. So let me spread the world like you: "cross-compilation is easier!" :-)

I know at least on Fedora, a yum install mingw* for your deps is all you need:  run mingw32-configure instead of configure. (same for cmake or qmake, and 64 bits) and make. This gives you a very reliable build environment, much more than any personal tweaked mingw installation. But that's cross-compilation, you know what I know better :)

Marc-André Lureau

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