Re: GTK+3 win32/64 build environment

Thanks folks. Now, regarding what was said previoulsy in this thread, I will try to list pros and cons of, respectively, native build and cross-compilation. Points listed in the end of each list have less importance or accuracy than the first ones. Then a decision regarding the choice might be made.
Native build
+ easier (works around most problems in configure scripts and Makefiles)
+ independant from OS/distro
- harder integration with GNOME infrastructure
- slower
- might need a commercial license of Windows
+ better integration with GNOME infrastructure
+ faster
- needs patches in most configure scripts
- needs to use standalone versions of Perl/Python OR patch Makefiles to be compatible with most common versions of Perl/Python (possible ? needs study) - needs to build stack twice (Linux native versions of some tools needed). So the speed gain might be countered (needs study) - might not be independant from OS/distro (need to choose a particular distro/package manager and stick to it ?) Regardless of what will be decided, I think that I need a Git account to push the current build scripts to the GNOME infrastructure. Will apply for it now.

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