Re: GTK+3 win32/64 build environment

Hi Andy,
Hm.. did I miss the further explanation? :)

It's coming ^^.
> Personally, I would prefer to cross-compile the GTK libraries. That's
what I do with the win32 builds for my application already. I also don't
like the thought of having to depend on proprietary software in order to
build GTK, even if it is for the windows build.

I understand that fully. Out of curiosity, collecting info on my side : are you cross-compiling GTK+2 or GTK+3 ? And if you cross-compile, I suppose you are using mingw ; do you install it using your distro's package manager ("yum install mingw", "apt-get install mingw"), or is there such a thing as a "standalaone mingw env" available in a tarball ?


For the Mac OSX build all the developers have to build their own
libraries using Xcode because there are no official binaries and no
cross compilers. I don't like that situation very much either.

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