Re: GTK+3 win32/64 build environment

Hi again folks, As a majority of you told me it was so easy and effective to cross-compile from Linux, rather than doing it navitely on Windows, I finally felt like trying it. Well, after some hacking... you were right ^^. I extracted my GTK+3 buildenv on my favorite Linux distro, installed some packages, adapted some scripts, hacked around 2-3 specific problems, and it ran just fine. Now I've got a complete GTK+3 Win32 bundle, generated from Linux. So now we have two fast-identical buildenvs, one for Windows and one for Linux. Just a drawback : like I previously said, cross-compiling GTK+3 from Linux requires to build the stack twice. It's no big deal, just that the Linux buildenv has more specific scripts -I'm currently rewriting them. I will upload all scripts to Git as soon as I get my account approved. Thanks a lot for your advices.

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