RE: GTK+3 win32/64 build environment

Another thing to consider. The closer to the developer the building can happen, the more likely it will be 
that developers writing new features will not break the build for the other os.

This can be accomplished by using a CI system like Jenkins. But even closer is right on the developers 
machine. If most GTK development happens on Linux, then being able to test there would be best.

I ran into this on a project of my own recently. Just about every time we tweaked the code on Linux, it would 
break windows. And visa versa. I got so tired of it, I changed it so that, when built on fedora, it both 
builds and cross compiles by default now, and has saved a lot of time since I discover the build breakages 
while I'm coding the particular feature, not days afterwards.

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Thanks folks.

Now, regarding what was said previoulsy in this thread, I will try to list
pros and cons of, respectively, native build and cross-compilation. Points
listed in the end of each list have less importance or accuracy than the
first ones. Then a decision regarding the choice might be made.

Native build
+ easier (works around most problems in configure scripts and Makefiles)
+ independant from OS/distro
 - harder integration with GNOME infrastructure
 - slower
 - might need a commercial license of Windows

+ better integration with GNOME infrastructure
+ faster
 - needs patches in most configure scripts
 - needs to use standalone versions of Perl/Python OR patch Makefiles to be
compatible with most common versions of Perl/Python (possible ? needs study)
 - needs to build stack twice (Linux native versions of some tools needed).
So the speed gain might be countered (needs study)
 - might not be independant from OS/distro (need to choose a particular
distro/package manager and stick to it ?)

Regardless of what will be decided, I think that I need a Git account to
push the current build scripts to the GNOME infrastructure. Will apply for
it now.

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