Re: GTK+3 win32/64 build environment

tarnyko tarnyko net schreef op do 11-04-2013 om 15:12 [+0200]:
Native build
+ easier (works around most problems in configure scripts and Makefiles)

I'd have to disagree here. In order to build gtk on a windows host then
you basically need to arrange these things yourself first:
- Install msys (which contains sh.exe which is needed to
  run the configure script)
- Install the or mingw-w64 compiler
- Manually build (or download precompiled files for) all gtk+
  dependencies (like gettext, libiconv, pixman, cairo, libjpeg, ...)

When you use the cross-compiled packages which various distros are
providing then all these steps are already arranged for you. For example
on Fedora it's sufficient to run 'yum-builddep mingw32-gtk3' and all
dependencies which are needed to allow building of gtk3 will be
installed automatically (including the compiler).

Once all dependencies are installed it's sufficient to run
'mingw32-configure && make' from your source tree and there you go.

For Fedora we've created an instruction which describes how commonly
used cross-compiling tasks can be performed:


Erik van Pienbroek
Fedora MinGW SIG

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