Re: Composite GtkBuilder template

On Mon, 2013-04-08 at 07:30 -0400, Matthias Clasen wrote:
Are we about ready to move forward with this ?

The color editor still has a round knob, where it didn't use to.
That's the only thing I still notice being different.

I have just pushed a fix for this.

I was unable to really reproduce the problem, as my knobs show up
square and there is no easy way to load a specific .css (that I know

But stepping through GtkWidget's buildable implementation showed that
the <style> attributes were not being parsed properly for GtkColorScale.

This turned out to be a bug in GtkScale (which was failing to properly
chain up in GtkBuildableIface->custom_finished()).

I'm quite certain that this is going to fix your knob appearance.

I haven't looked at the added api in detail, but I think Benjamin had
reviewed and ok'ed that already ?

I'll let Benjamin comment to this if he likes.

But yes, Benjamin and I have gone over it quite a bit, and as of Friday,
he OK'ed it, with the exception of waiting on your review (which was
very helpful, as I did find some issues which I had previously
overlooked, thanks to your efforts).


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