Re: Composite GtkBuilder template

Hey Tristan,

thanks for sending this detailed status update. Here is some initial
feedback after playing with the branch for a few minutes:

1. intltool - I don't like it, and really want to avoid adding a
intltool dependency to GTK+. I've attached a small program that can
get the job done for the .ui files in your branch.

2. All the composite dialogs flash black and in wrong size when
mapped. I hope that is just an oversight, and can be corrected. I
don't think we can merge it like that

3. The print dialog segfaults.

4. The Pickers example in gtk3-demo has issues: the filechooser button
has the wrong height, and the directory chooser doesn't show up at
all. The filechooser also has an empy filter combo that should not be

5. The Color Chooser example in gtk3-demo has issues: the alpha slider
in the color editor has a round knob, instead of a pointy one.

6. The button order in the assistant is flipped.

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