Re: Updated GTK+ 2.24.5 binaries (and bundle)

2011/7/22 Dieter Verfaillie <dieterv optionexplicit be>:
> On 22/07/2011 12:11, Sam Thursfield wrote:
>> It's a small step but I just added a page to the wiki:
>> Since there's a few of us all doing different things in this area I
>> think it would be helpful if we at least all kept that up to date with
>> what we are doing and why, and hopefully it can be the first step to a
>> bit more collaboration.
> More collaboration would indeed be a very good thing. Maybe reviving
> some form of the old gtk-win32-list mailing list could be helpful in
> discussing these long-term matters? Something like gnome-windows-list
> to reflect the interest in a more complete set of the GNOME platform
> than only GTK+ (just take a look at the nice image on
> for example).
> Also, to clarify why I've started updating Tor's scripts:
> - He used to make the binaries that are available on
>  and, but has recently announced he is no longer
>  interested in doing so [1]. This is fine, we all owe him at least
>  a couple of beers for the service he has provided all those years!

Indeed, the binaries he provided where a great service. Thanks Tor!

> - But some of us have loads of software using these builds that suffer
>  from bugs in GLib, GTK+ 2, etc from time to time
> - Being able to just drop an updated version of these platform
>  libraries in place when it is know to fix a bug is a good thing

What I've done after Tor announced the last binary win32 builds is
starting to contribute to the OpenSUSE BuildService. He had already
mentioned on several occasions before that he was pondering moving to
the OBS to provide the builds to replace his home-grown scripts. I'm
not even using a SUSE distro, but just using the OBS as a great way to
build and package using mingw automatically.

The resulting binaries (packaged in rpm, that's a minor annoyance) are
a great drop-in replacement for the zipfiles I previously downloaded.
There are both win32 and win64 builds of gtk2 and gtk3 and all
dependencies. I must say that the spec-files (the 'recipes' for
building the binaries) are a lot nicer to work with than the scripts I
previously used.


> So my intent is to continue to update Tor's scripts and the good old
> gtk+-bundle for as long as relevant GTK+ 2.X releases are made.
> What's going to be accepted as the "official" builds for GTK+ 3, I
> have no idea.
> Now, after all this discussing about build systems and what-not, my
> question still stands: is there interest in keeping the binaries
> on and up to date
> for the remainder of GTK+-2.X's useful life?
> Thanks,
> Dieter
> [1]
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