Re: Updated GTK+ 2.24.5 binaries (and bundle)

I don't know whether this might be helpful with this part and regard, but I
am posting my point of view here anyways for references...

Currently I am maintaining the Visual C++ build files for the GTK+ stack
(GLib, ATK, GDK-Pixbuf, Pango, GTK+-2.x/3.x), and these files are kept up-to-date as far as possible in the master branch-and there are at least
Visual C++ 2008 build files for these packages in their latest unstable
tarball releases (in fact Visual C++ 2010 build files are also in every
one of these except for Pango and GTK+-2.x, as they are under review for 
Pango and I am seeing whether people are interested for them for GTK+-2.x),
and even (Visual C++ 2008/2010) in the stable releases of GLib, ATK and 
GTK+-2.x/3.x.  These files will help to enable building the GTK+ stack
on Windows (for those who will use the Microsoft toolchain) much easier
and faster on Windows (I think MinGW is a formidable project, but I don't
think it suits my purposes well, AFAICT).

I would also like to be able to help in getting GOBject-Introspection (GI)
being buildable/workable for Visual C++, especially as the official Python 
builds are built with Visual C++ 2008.  I might need help though on the
python scripts as they call GCC directly... byt anyways for now

By hacking the pkg-config .pc files and purging C99isms from the various 
code, it is possible for one to build pycairo[1], pygobject (sans GI 
support), pygtk2 and pygtksourceview2 entirely with the MSVC 2008 
toolchain, for example using distutils.

All the best.
[1]: Yeah I know pycairo uses WAF, and it does take a bit of hackery to 
     make it work correctly on MSVC build, but anyways...

Thank you!

God bless.

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