Re: Updated GTK+ 2.24.5 binaries (and bundle)

On 22/07/2011 12:11, Sam Thursfield wrote:
> It's a small step but I just added a page to the wiki:
> Since there's a few of us all doing different things in this area I
> think it would be helpful if we at least all kept that up to date with
> what we are doing and why, and hopefully it can be the first step to a
> bit more collaboration.

More collaboration would indeed be a very good thing. Maybe reviving
some form of the old gtk-win32-list mailing list could be helpful in
discussing these long-term matters? Something like gnome-windows-list
to reflect the interest in a more complete set of the GNOME platform
than only GTK+ (just take a look at the nice image on for example).

Also, to clarify why I've started updating Tor's scripts:
- He used to make the binaries that are available on
  and, but has recently announced he is no longer
  interested in doing so [1]. This is fine, we all owe him at least
  a couple of beers for the service he has provided all those years!
- But some of us have loads of software using these builds that suffer
  from bugs in GLib, GTK+ 2, etc from time to time
- Being able to just drop an updated version of these platform
  libraries in place when it is know to fix a bug is a good thing

So my intent is to continue to update Tor's scripts and the good old
gtk+-bundle for as long as relevant GTK+ 2.X releases are made.

What's going to be accepted as the "official" builds for GTK+ 3, I
have no idea.

Now, after all this discussing about build systems and what-not, my
question still stands: is there interest in keeping the binaries
on and up to date
for the remainder of GTK+-2.X's useful life?



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