Re: Updated GTK+ 2.24.5 binaries (and bundle)

On 22/07/2011 17:12, Andrea Bolognani wrote:
> Speaking as an application developer, I’m more interested in 
> ready–to–deploy binaries for GTK+ 3.0. A nice bundle like the one
> Tor provided for GTK+ 2.X would be a neat plus.

Something like that is certainly possible and I think with time is an
obvious thing to do. Be it created with Tor's gtk-bundle script or
repackaging the work from the Open Build Service or something else.
Who knows... The problem is that GTK+ 3 will need some porting effort.
It currently builds just fine but, from what I've seen, the themeing
engine (wimp) will need to be ported to use gsettings, there's still
work  to be done to catch up with the csw changes done in 2.18 etc.

> Until that condition is met, I’m not going to port my applications
> to GTK+ 3.0, which I would really love to do, just because I need
> them to run on Windows.

Yep, I'm in a comparable situation...

> So I very much welcome the ones who, unlike me, have both the time
> and the expertise needed to advance the status of GTK+ on win32; but
> I think they should put less effort in keeping GTK+ 2.X alive and
> more effort in making GTK+ 3.0 on win32 a viable solution.
> Just my 0.2€ ;)

Don't worry, about 10% of the time I can invest in these things is going
into keeping what I already have (and uses GTK+ 2.X) alive. Every other
moment I can spare is spent getting GLib, gobject-introspection,
pygobject an GTK+ 3 going on Windows and patches are slowly starting to
trickle to the various bugzilla components...

I'm sure others already have adopted a similar policy or will do so
soon too...


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