Re: Glib resource framework

* Michael Urman <murman gmail com> schrieb:

> has changed it. Furthermore a lot of the build process has grown the
> same way, so changing it is even more painful. Nobody has expressed a
> reason to disallow such a change; merely that it is hard to overcome
> the inertia of what has already been coded.
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hmm, I realy wonder why it was started this way in the first place.
One argument could be saving resources by loading only the required
stuff. But I really doubt that this argument can stand:

a) its only valid on the assumption that these modules are only
loaded when *really* required (eg. pixmap loading does not probe
all possible formats/loaders, but knows exactly which the
responsible module is, by some separate detection mechanism)

b) pages from shared objects are loaded on-demand anyways,
all that maybe should be done is grouping separate modules
into separate pages.

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