Re: treeview-refactor branch has landed.

On 17 December 2010 11:24, Kristian Rietveld <kris gtk org> wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 17, 2010 at 7:57 AM, Tristan Van Berkom
> <tristanvb openismus com> wrote:
> Furthermore, I would encourage people who use complex tree views in
> their libraries or applications to test these as soon as possible and
> report any issues they find.  Although we have put significant time in
> checking all the corner cases, there is a good chance we might have
> missed something.

Great work!

I was debugging some warnings in Evolution ... and I spotted that if
you use gtk_tree_view_column_set_cell_data_func (which just calls
gtk_cell_layout_set_cell_data_func casting GtkTreeViewColumn to a
GtkCellLayout) then the data function gets called not with a
GtkTreeViewColumn but a GtkCellBoxArea instead. Both implement
GtkCellLayout but a GtkTreeViewColumn isn't a GtkCellBoxArea.

(evolution:12620): Gtk-CRITICAL **:
gtk_tree_view_column_get_tree_view: assertion `GTK_IS_TREE_VIEW_COLUMN
(tree_column)' failed
(evolution:12620): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_tree_view_get_selection:
assertion `GTK_IS_TREE_VIEW (tree_view)' failed
(evolution:12620): Gtk-CRITICAL **:
gtk_tree_selection_iter_is_selected: assertion `GTK_IS_TREE_SELECTION
(selection)' failed
(evolution:12620): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_tree_view_get_drag_dest_row:
assertion `GTK_IS_TREE_VIEW (tree_view)' failed
==12620== Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
==12620==    at 0x16851764: render_icon (em-folder-tree.c:1240)
==12620==    by 0x9927ACC: apply_cell_attributes (gtkcellarea.c:1211)
==12620==    by 0xC741BFA: g_hash_table_foreach (ghash.c:1328)
==12620==    by 0x9927B5C: gtk_cell_area_real_apply_attributes
==12620==    by 0x9A2D528:
_gtk_marshal_VOID__OBJECT_BOXED_BOOLEAN_BOOLEAN (gtkmarshalers.c:2156)
==12620==    by 0xBEB55E2: g_type_class_meta_marshal (gclosure.c:877)
==12620==    by 0xBEB52AE: g_closure_invoke (gclosure.c:766)
==12620==    by 0xBECF954: signal_emit_unlocked_R (gsignal.c:3182)
==12620==    by 0xBECEBE2: g_signal_emit_valist (gsignal.c:2983)
==12620==    by 0xBECF160: g_signal_emit (gsignal.c:3040)
==12620==    by 0x992AA9A: gtk_cell_area_apply_attributes (gtkcellarea.c:2381)
==12620==    by 0x9BB2771: gtk_tree_view_column_cell_set_cell_data



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