RE: differences between Glade and GtkBuilder

Yes. They are all set to visible.

I'll change them in the GUI and see if that makes a difference.

I still think something in the process has changes, at least from the "user" perspective. 

I'm almost certain, that with glade you would load the xml (containing many top levels), then, call get the object you wanted out (which at that time it would construct and realize the widget making it visible)

It seems with GtkBuilder loading the XML and realizing it are done in the same step, which makes it so that each individual top level has to be in its own file? 
Does it not make more sense to have a function that load the XML without realizing anything, then, as objects are requested, doing the actual construction and realization?

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> On Dec 1, 2009, at 1:01 PM, Shawn Bakhtiar wrote:
> > Previously, I was able to open a Glade XML file with multiple top level windows, and only load the specific window I wanted from within that file. I have tried to re-write this routine, however, every time a call is made to gtk_builder_add_from_file it not only loads the file but it also loads and displays ALL the windows in that file.
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> > Should this not work like glade did before, where you would load the file, then call the objects you wanted to be displayed?
> Do you have the "visible" property set for all of the windows in the buildable xml?
> glade would also always construct all of the windows in the xml, but i think there was a default to *not* visible. (It would also construct them only when you parse the xml, so if you let them be destroyed, you had to parse the file again. I haven't used buildable enough to tell you if it behaves that way.)
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