Re: Theme patriation

On Tue, 28 Oct 2008, Thomas Thurman wrote:

> Ysgrifennodd Allin Cottrell:
> > On Tue, 28 Oct 2008, Thomas Thurman wrote:
> > > Who mentioned compiz?  This was about reasons not to run metacity.
> > 
> > Nobody explicitly mentioned compiz, but when I followed up the 
> > link to cairo-clock which I was offered (and which I reproduced in 
> > my posting) it turned out that compiz was required for running 
> > that app.
> No, says:
> What's needed in order to run?
>  [...]
>  * a compositing-manager (e.g. compiz)
> And Metacity is a compositing manager.

Hmmm.  On Ubuntu 8.04 I just dl'd, built and installed from source 
cairo-clock-0.3.4.tar.gz.  When I try to run cairo-clock I get the 
error message:

"You are not running under a composited desktop-environment (e.g. 
compiz). cairo-clock cannot work properly without one."

(I also got an internal GTK error message from cairo-clock which 
suggested that this app is not GTK-correct.)

allin myrtle:~$ pkg-config --modversion gtk+-2.0

Not totally up-to-the-minute, but hardly ancient.

Allin Cottrell

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