Re: Theming API hackfest: last call

On Wed, 15 Oct 2008 13:48:47 +0200 Robert Staudinger wrote:

> Relatedly I am thinking of a sane way to import styling into CSS
> blocks to aid widget mimicking. Imagine you want to mimick a GtkButton
> with your own wonderful implementation "FooButton", but unrelated in
> the GType hierarchy (not inheriting from GtkButton). Something like
> this might aid to apply GtkButton styling:
> FooButton {
>     ccss: import(GtkButton);
> }

Here's an example that's not contrived at all that I just had to hack
around in xfdesktop (Xfce's desktop manager).  The desktop's icon view
doesn't derive from GtkIconView (let's ignore why for now).  I wanted
the selection-box-color and selection-box-alpha style properties from
GtkIconView, though, so I have to actually create a temporary
GtkIconView in my style-set handler to retrieve these properties.

So yes, there's definitely a use case for something like this.


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