Re: Theming API hackfest: last call

Christian Dywan wrote:
>> Another relevant idea is that sophisticated CSS matching rules may
>> help theming complex widgets without requiring them to expose their
>> internal structure.  For example, ".GTKTreeView>.GTKButton" will
>> match a GTKButton that has a GTKTreeView parent.
> The way I read that, I think you are contridicting yourself. You are
> saying 'without requiring [...] to expose their internal structure' but
> at the same time suggesting themeing based on exact knowledge of the
> hierarchy, which *is* in implementation detail and nothing else.

Yeah, I was more talking about exposing as in exposing through the API.

> A real help would be if it was more like
> .GtkTreeView .column-header { }
> Or even better
> .tree-view .column-header {}
> Which would enable you to actually theme without knowing how the widget
> is implemented, and in the second case even what particular class it
> is. For the sake of the example, those identifiers could be widget
> names.

Right.  If we can assign names to widgets (does the a11y layer do something
like that?) then the names can be accessed using the "#column-header" syntax.


> I imagine there could be a straightforward table of supported widget
> names as part of the reference documentation.
> ciao,
>     Christian
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