Re: Minutes: Foreign OSes BoF

Tor Lillqvist wrote:
(Unless there is some way to read and
 write text chunks also through GDI+ after all.)

GDI+ does provide access to *some* tEXt chunks that it knows about a
priori. At least the Description chunk is available as
PropertyTagImageDescription and the Software chunk as
PropertyTagSoftwareUsed. But that doesn't help, as libgimpthumb wants
to read and write chunks that GDI+ has no idea about, like Thumb::URI
and Thumb::X-GIMP::Type.

This is a design mistake in the GDI+ library IMHO... Surely they have
known that in many image formats one can have a set of arbitrary
tag-value pairs, and they should have provided a way to access these,
not just those properties they chose to enumerate in GdiPlusImaging.h.

Oh well, we will have to continue using the libpng-based PNG loader
then. We could link libpng statically, though, if we want to minimize
the number of "external" DLLs we depend on.

Will cairo move away from libpng too? If not, then
libpng dll is still needed in an application, and so
it's fine for gtk.


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