Re: Minutes: Foreign OSes BoF

> (Unless there is some way to read and
>  write text chunks also through GDI+ after all.)

GDI+ does provide access to *some* tEXt chunks that it knows about a
priori. At least the Description chunk is available as
PropertyTagImageDescription and the Software chunk as
PropertyTagSoftwareUsed. But that doesn't help, as libgimpthumb wants
to read and write chunks that GDI+ has no idea about, like Thumb::URI
and Thumb::X-GIMP::Type.

This is a design mistake in the GDI+ library IMHO... Surely they have
known that in many image formats one can have a set of arbitrary
tag-value pairs, and they should have provided a way to access these,
not just those properties they chose to enumerate in GdiPlusImaging.h.

Oh well, we will have to continue using the libpng-based PNG loader
then. We could link libpng statically, though, if we want to minimize
the number of "external" DLLs we depend on.


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