Re: Shipping multiple themes by default (Was: Sudden Tango changes in trunk)

On 3/29/07, Loïc Minier <lool+gnome via ecp fr> wrote:

 Would it be difficult to ship multiple themes by default, for example
 "legacy" and "tango" (and perhaps "qt" and "metal" themes in the
 future?); the default theme could be selected at build time and the
 default default could be set to "tango" for win32 and win32 only.

 Distributors could easily decide which themes they do ship and it would
 be easy to switch the default default from "legacy" to "tango" with
 $next_major_release for all platforms -- while still making it
 available for legacy purposes.

 (In a way, this maps relatively close to how Java's Swing "Look and
 Feel" themes are handled.)

How is that different from what existing theme engine, icon theme and
theme packages provide today ? (...other than shifting additional
maintenance burden on the GTK+ team)


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