Re: GLib and 64-bit Windows

I think a large amount of errors stem from the fact that it is assumed that sizeof(long) == sizeof(void *)

Both from a 64-bit AMD machine...
char: 1
short: 2
int: 4
long: 8
long long: 8
void *: 8
size_t: 8

char: 1
short: 2
int: 4
long: 4
long long: 8
void *: 8
size_t: 8

This would certainly explain all sorts of the warnings (not all, of course).

Jake Goulding wrote:
Of course, that would have made more sense... :-)
And grepped for warning:

Tor Lillqvist wrote:
You wouldn't have the file names and line numbers for those
warnings...? (Maybe you could put the whole compilation output
listing up on the web somewhere.)

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