Re: GLib and 64-bit Windows

 > if I fix things to get a 64-bit build, those fixes could more 
 > easily be merged back into the trunk, where as they would be less likely 
 > to make it into 2.8?

Exactly. 2.8 isn't maintained any more, there won't be any more
releases of it, so there is no point in putting things into the 2.8
branch. We have already moved two release cycles forward, 2.12 is the
stable branch now.

(Well, of course, if somebody *wanted*, they could of course "fork"
GLib 2.8, patch and enhance it, and do their own source and binary
releases of it. That's one of the freedom's that the LGPL license
gives you. But I don't see any point in it, at least not for the
purpose of porting GLib to win64.)


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