Re: GLib and 64-bit Windows

On 01.03.2007 21:40, Jake Goulding wrote:
> Hey all, i am trying to compile glib-2.8.6 (an older version, I know...) 
> under Windows Server 2003 64-bit.
> I hit the following issues:
> gbacktrace.c(192) : error C2065: 'SIGTRAP' : undeclared identifier
> This is caused by an if/else fallthrough in gbacktrace.h. Adding the 
> following lines skipped that problem, but didn't fix it:
> #elif defined (_MSC_VER) && defined (_M_X64)
> #  define G_BREAKPOINT()        G_STMT_START{ }G_STMT_EN
> Then I immediately ran into other problems:
> glib.def(129) : fatal error LNK1118: syntax error in 'G_GNUC_MALLOC' 
> statement
> My 2 questions:
> Has GLib been successfully compiled in 64-bit mode under Windows?
Didn't hear about that.

> Would a newer version of glib help me in getting my compile to work?
Yes. At least the above mentioned issue is fixed on trunk. But there are
probably more things to fix, which could be merged to trunk but much less
to glib-2-8.

gobject.def: gobject.symbols
	echo EXPORTS > gobject.def
		-DG_GNUC_PRINTF=;G_GNUC_PRINTF gobject.symbols >> gobject.def


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