Re: Ok to redirect to GNOME Library?

On Wed, 15 Aug 2007, Frederic Peters wrote:

David Neÿÿas (Yeti) wrote:

do you believe a "latest" symlink would
be useful ?  As well as a "stable" symlink ?

A stable or latest alias would be definitely useful, but...

This has been taken care of.

Let me explain: The conclusion on gtk-doc was that it is not
feasible to keep the on-line location of everything in
gtk-doc, instead libraries should advertise their on-line
reference base URLs (if there is any) and a mechanisms for
this and for base URL switching/correction have been already

This would work well with the current state when each
library has one on-line location (containing the latest
version).  The new scheme leaves me wondering what to do
when one just wants to link to GObject (gboolean, whatever)
documentation.  What is the canonical link?  Is there any?

Okay, I understand your problem now.  Although I don't have a perfect
answer.  Canonical link would be{doc_module}/latest/{whatever}

Current directory layout is the only one making sense if we want to
maintain several versions in; however we could
probably devise a few mod_rewrite rules to expose other URI schemes,
such as{doc_module}/{whatever}.

i don't really see the necessity for this if we start a new site.
we just need to make sure that all currently existing{VERSION}/{MODULE}/{whatever}
links continue to remain valid. i.e. if i understand your new
scheme correctly, they'd need to point to:{MODULE}/trunk/{whatever}

or s/trunk/latest/, depending on whether you mean "latest" to
link to the last released version or trunk.



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