Re: Ok to redirect to GNOME Library?

On Tue, 14 Aug 2007, Olav Vitters wrote:

GTK+ is the main user of the developer API reference with links from:

I want to redirect:

See for instance the GTK+ API reference on:

Note: GNOME Library currently finds new tarballs every night. At one
point this will start after install-module runs (low priority right

If nobody objects within a week I'll make this change.

i'm currently uploading the glib/atk/pango/gtk+ docs to
manually and have a couple issues/questions before the move:
- the above link doesn't actually work
- the front page links to which is
  a directory listing
- i was going to say something about the new reference API titles page,
  but can't currently browse/verify it due to the directory listings...
  - the API overview here:
    is ordered by dependencies, this ordering needs to be preserved
  - the module names/titles shouldn't be marked in red (red is
    far too intrusive for normal text it allmost looks like error
  - links should be clearly identifiable as links like on the
    current pages (blue with underline)
- the most requested documentation feature at linuxtag was to make
  our docs searchable, has
  a site specific google search entry now. this functionality
  needs to be preserved.
- i personally find the grey background image star on
  fairly irritating when reading the index. i'd prefer
  the index text to not change contrast by removing
  the grey star from the areas which display actual
  code (i.e. below the "GTK+ Reference Manual" block)
- currently, new trunk based docs can be put up (fixed) immediately
  by doing a new upload (a 24h lag due to automated builds would be
  acceptable here though). you say you're building docs nightly
  from release tarballs only?
  how can we get trunk based docs up then?



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